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STRAIN Integrates with Helix BioTrack, Bringing Dispensaries Closer to Their Customers

STRAIN, an all-in-one mobile app and platform for cannabis sales, marketing, and customer service, is proud to announce a partnership with Helix Technologies subsidiary, BioTrack, enabling dispensaries that use this software to integrate with STRAIN’s features while enhancing connection and customer engagement.

In the first partnership> of its kind, the STRAIN and Helix BioTrack integration invites cannabis dispensaries to white-label the mobile app that will enable consumers to browse product menus, submit orders, receive special offers, and build and redeem loyalty points, limiting the in-store time, and allowing for more efficient cannabis product sales.

Dispensaries that partner with STRAIN will obtain their own branded app, seamlessly integrating its functions with the dispensary Helix BioTrack seed-to-sale software, automatically syncing metrics, inventory, rewards program, and customer profiles, including ID renewals, between platforms.

“These days, dispensaries need to be more creative, not only to focus on sales, but also customer service, retention, and building awareness of what they can bring to their customers,” said Manuel Ramírez, CEO of STRAIN, who has spent the last 10-years of his product and software development career identifying customer “pain points” when it comes to reaching consumers, and processing orders.

“While there are online directories and online ordering systems that make it possible to order their products, these platforms lack the functionality for a seamless, real-time connection between dispensaries and their customers,” he said.

With the integration between STRAIN and Helix BioTrack, dispensaries will be able to re-route at least 30% of their orders through their branded mobile app. “With this partnership, we’re projecting more than 100,000 cannabis consumers will not only be able to place their orders but will have access to everything within their favorite dispensary right in their pocket,” said Ramírez.

“STRAIN offers our clients a new way to reach and retain their customers in a branded platform,” said Moe Afaneh, COO of Helix BioTrack. “Customers are looking for a fast, efficient, and user-friendly way of getting their cannabis. STRAIN’s functionalities bring the dispensary right to the consumer while allowing our clients to maintain their compliance requirements for seed-to-sale tracking.”

STRAIN also offers an effective solution to the marketing and advertising challenges cannabis dispensaries face. “Our platform excels in building customer awareness, retention, and providing a seamless customer experience, offering dispensaries various avenues to reach their customers,” said Ramírez.

Dispensaries that use Helix BioTrack are invited to contact [email protected] to discuss how they can white-label the STRAIN app to reach more consumers.